Permanent organizes various public meetings and events to build up and share tools, skills and knowledge on how to develop and organize affordable and solidary urban spaces to work, interact and live, with a specific focus on the role of the artist. These events can consist of a walk, an intervention on the street, a workshop or talk or an online meeting. Together they shape a bottom-up trajectory that accompanies and nourishes the development of our mixed-use infrastructure. During our monthly meetings we take stock of the project and open up for all who want to know more or join in.

Workshop #2 - Building as Becommoning: Holding up the Mirror

In this workshop we will studied the current partners of Permanent (Level Five, Globe Aroma, CLTB, VUB) in detail from an organizational point of view. Next to collecting data on their current activities, we reflected on their spatial use and evaluated the way each organization works. By holding up the mirror we wanted to research alternative organisational schemes and potential spatial configurations. At the same time the different partners learned about each others identities and ambitions.

In preparation to this workshop, we will visited each current partners' venue and to collected a wide range of parameters through different mapping tools which illustrate their current and potential dynamics. Dialogues with users, imagery, storytelling, … played an important role to give a more complex understanding of the organizations and spaces. This workshop will served as a first step to envision the potential of sharing within and around a possible location. Both topics are further researched in workshops 3 and 4.

Workshop #1 - Building as Becommoning: Imagining Permanent Through Lived Experience

Users of Level Five, Globe Aroma, CLTB, VUB (the current partners in the Permanent coalition) will be asked to give an insight in their spatial experiences by sharing their daily activities.

Through a collection of images and questions that illustrate very concrete to more abstract attitudes, we try to bring about a conversation that opens up the imagination of what Permanent can be. In this conversation we take into account a set of yet unknown users and uses, "the neighbourhood," wherever Permanent will finds a place this will always be an equal partner.

This conversation will introduce and challenge the following workshops: Holding up the Mirror, Inside-Out, The Many Ones, Brick by Brick. We see these workshops as the starting point to develop a set of tools and practices enabling groups that roam temporary and precarious space to build, through solidarity, more autonomous structures from the ground up.


Workshop 2020.08.28

written and visual documentation of the workshop on 2020/08/28. The workshop focussed on the needs of the different partners and finding out what gradations of overlap in use there could be between them. This was worked out spatially by a team of architects on the basis of the plans of a formar fire department in BXL.



Article on Permanent by Els Silvrants-Barclay for RUIMTE magazine.

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This is the text we use to pitch Permanent.

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May's monthly meeting (2020)

Report of the Permanent monthly meeting in May 2020.


April's monthly meeting (2020)

Report of the Permanent monthly meeting in April 2020.


March's monthly meeting (2020)

Report of the Permanent monthly meeting in March 2020.


February's monthly meeting (2020)

There seem to be no notes or there was no meeting in February.

January's monthly meeting (2020)

Report monthly meeting Januray 2020.


December's monthly meeting (2019)

Report of the Permanent monthly meeting in December 2019.


November's monthly meeting (2019)

Report of the Permanent monthly meeting in November 2019.


October's monthly meeting (2019)

Report of the first Permanent monthly meeting in October 2019!

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