Permanent organizes various public meetings and events to build up and share tools, skills and knowledge on how to develop and organize affordable and solidary urban spaces to work, interact and live, with a specific focus on the role of the artist. These events can consist of a walk, an intervention on the street, a workshop or talk or an online meeting. Together they shape a bottom-up trajectory that accompanies and nourishes the development of our mixed-use infrastructure. During our monthly meetings we take stock of the project and open up for all who want to know more or join in.


Workshop #4 - Building as Becommoning: The Many Ones

In this workshop we will zoom in on the building and uses in and along the building. The focus lies on the overlap between the different needs resulting in a spatial complexity with a good sense of sharing. How can we envision shared collective spaces, while preserving safe space and specific needs of specific users and partners? Where do we draw the line of what can be shared and what does that imply in terms of collective and public spaces ?

The workshop focusses on the interest and advantages that can be mutualised between the different partners and their activities, while raising awareness on potential sensitive consequences by reflecting on how a place can tolerate friction or disagreement.

The notion of sharing also questions to what extent a building can become public. What needs to remain a safe space, what space is there for overlap. The personal history and the intimacy we have with some public buildings, is sometimes the only connection to wander through the space.

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Workshop #5 - Building as Becommoning: Brick by Brick

This workshop focuses on the construction site. How creative interventions in the building process could extent the paradigm of cheap and fast and turned it into solidary and durable. How could we imagine a building at the same time as a construction site while already making use of the building? We will look for methodologies that engage contractors in a project while leaving room for an appropriation integrated development by the users themselves, methodologies that re-invent the time line of a building from foundations to final use, cross fertilizing construction, use and appropriation over the course of time.

Both considerations will be addressed within the framework of a defined construction language which deals with intelligent structure, materiality, sustainability and degrees of finishing.

As a preparation different attitudes will be explored by investigating prominent examples, expertise and shared experiences in search of a becommoning.

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